Fighter & A Lover

11 Aug

The truth is I’m not a fighter I’m a lover. I will fight for what I love though and i will fight for what i belive in. So in that sense I am a fighter. But I dont like confrontation If I could I would avoid it. But sometimes I cant because I’ve learned if you back down then people will think they can just step on you, and disregard everything you say and stand for. When you disregard someones feelings that means that your disrespecting. When it comes to respect everyone wants that. But again Im not a fighter I just rather love, and have fun , and chill. With fighting comes tension and beefs and thats something I can’t get into.

-signed Monae-


The gas in me [No pun intended]

17 Jul

What fuels me to be a model, to be myself, to be anything is value,swag,money,ambition. Those four things are that should be  important anybody and everybody. Out here now its like your appearance  is everything. If you not looking how you ought to be, most of the time they’ll push you to the side even if you have all the qualifications. That’s crazy and should be unreal but its not.Good thing, looking good isn’t a hard task for me. I love swag. And most people probably think oh wow she said swag typical teenager. I guess you could say that if you wanted to but swag is everything. Swag is the way you look, how you do it, what you do. That is pure swag with no artificiality. Then there is value the value in you is you. The value lets you not loose your self when going through the motions of a harsh situation.You never want to lose yourself  because once you lose yourself it hard to gain your mind back. Finding out who are is one of the hardest things in life, but once you find yourself you find your values what you will and will not do,What you will stand for, what you will believe in,what you will not give up on.Values is the most precious thing that one of the hugest things that fuels me,that is the gas in me.My ambitions is the one thing that keeps me doing what ever I do, whatever I choose to put my mind to. My ambitions is my desire for success. My desire not lose. My desire to win, to achieve greatness. To be greatness. To make myself proud and my family proud and the one whose always held me down, my mom proud.Without ambition I wouldn’t be sitting here blogging my heart away. My ambition is the biggest particle of the gas in me. Money is one of my loves, it’s not that I even love money I love what money can do for you. Hard work and money equals success and success is a little piece of happiness and I myself want that little piece of happiness. Without the fuel in me I would be a big blob of nothing, I wouldn’t have a mind that cost more than gold. The gas in me, The fuel me is what I’m made of.

Ima Blow UP ” KaBoom”

15 Jul

Usually i wake up and got modeling on the brain. But its not a good modeling state of mind. Its sorta bad. I start thinking is what i really wanna do. But today I woke up and I didnt think that. I didnt think anything. I just woke up and was like damn im still tired lol. I dont know if thats a good thing or a bad thing.It might be in the neutral area. But im glad i didnt wake up thinking like man why and what if i put my heart and soul into all of this and it just dont work, and i realize this isnt even what i wanna do. Modeling is productive,creative,sexy,money orriented,fun. Its where its at. Its just dope. And Im dope. Put those two together and what you got the bombest,dopest,Largest model in the world. Im going to be doing big things. Im be history. Im going be that female that made it from a little city to something big. One of the biggest model. I will be this because I got something that most people don’t PURE AMBITION.


15 Jul

Man I don’t wanna go. Truth is I’m anti-social and I can’t out right just go up to somebody and be like hi. But I’m very intresting and funny. Well at least thats what people tell me. I hate moving into a different school. Ugh my mom wants me to go. She says but theres more opportunity there so much you can do. Truth is I don’t even know. So I need to make up my mind this summer and what I’ll do. I hope and pray she don’t force me to do something I just literally don’t want to do.But I’ll consider it. I’ll go into the school. and check it out. But honestly I think It’ll be a bigg No. No FRANDS,THEN NO.

Hello world!

14 Jul

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